Tie My Hair Down – Lena Emerson

for Poem Tie My Hair Down

My bed is empty but there are plenty of men who’d like to fill it. My pillow and sheets lay cold but there are plenty of men who’d like to warm them. I stand naked preparing for slumber my back aching, but there are plenty of men who wouldn’t mind massaging in scented oil. My arms raised as a black woman, I must tie my hair down, there are plenty of men who would lend me a hand and wrap my hair the best they can.
There are plenty of men who would stand behind me, who would caress me, stroke me, palm my full breast and cause me pleasure again and then once more again. There are plenty of men who would kiss my spine all the way down till they hit my behind, then continue using their tongue to outline every one of my delicate curves.
There are plenty of men, but there is only one man I wish to fill my bed, warm my sheets, caress my body, help me tie my hair down. One man to stand before me, use his tongue on me, wrap his arm around me and promise to GOD and my earthly father to protect me.
There is but one man, I search for, but sadly to say, so many of my brothers got this man thing all wrong.
I am not to be belittle to make yourself feel more powerful, I am not to provide and protect you while you make no effort to earn legally the means to contribute financially to our home. I am not here to spread my legs wide so that you can release your tension within my walls after 1, 2, 3, 4 that’s all this is the last pump…now drip your sweat onto my heart. I am not here for you to call a bitch, hoe or your wifey because I’m the main not the side chick.
I am not here to be hidden, only worthy of mid-night pop-ups, and movies sitting on your cum scented broken down couch, sipping on the yak, then escorted out before the sun rises again and you not even walk me to my home but leave me to creep the streets alone.
I am not here for you to keep secret, ashamed of and never considering introducing me to the family. I am not here to be your punching bag, or the woman you call to bail you out every other month of whatever mess you find yourself caught up in, again and again.

There are plenty of men who will come and with a false face and sexy smile, lure us promising to be a KING when in fact they were never prescribed the requirements to even play the Knight in shining Armor, they ride no horse but when seen up close they sure appear to be the horse’s ass.
They don’t come to save they come to prey.
There is but one man we must remain open for, and that man won’t have to prove to you what he is made of, you will see it, in his walk, speech, godly covering, in the treatment of your children and not just you. There is but one man for us, don’t lose sight, but don’t go blind either inviting in the serpents solider.

There are plenty of men, but only a MAN can be Protector, Provider, Confidant, Lover, Friend, Companion and the one who will see you clearly as a WOMAN, a WOMAN in wait of a MAN. Until he comes, keep taking care of the WOMAN you’ve worked so hard on becoming.
Just One Woman’s Opinion

PS: When I read this piece by Lena Emerson, It touched a tender spot in my heart. I pray the as young ladies, mothers, daughters, aunties…we shall grow in strength and confidence but above all, that we shall let God teach us and not these fleeting stereo types.

I pray that we shall be role models to our juniors! Oh, DO NOT FORGET HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE! A MASTERPIECE!


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